Recently I've been using malas to enhance my daily meditations and mantras. I’m reminding myself a little of my grandparents but there is really something special to this practice. The amazing thing about using a mala is that you are combining Naad yoga (recitation of sacred sounds), acupressure, gemstone therapy and deep meditation all in one. It has been a super transformative experience thus far and I’m looking forward to experimenting with its many benefits and different gemstones.

Each finger has a different use in mala meditation. The acupressure points that are activated on the sides of each finger correspond to a specific cosmic planet bringing with them their healing and transformative properties.

✨ Index Finger (Jupiter Finger): Wisdom. Knowledge. Prosperity.

✨ Middle Finger (Saturn Finger): Patience.

✨ Ring Finger (Sun Finger): Health. Vitality. Strengthen the Nervous System.

✨ Little Finger (Mercury Finger): Communication. Intelligence.

Furthermore, by using a mala of a specific type of stone, you can bring the qualities of that stone into your life. For example, an Amethyst mala can be used for spiritual upliftment, increasing richness and clearing energy blockages.

Once you have your mala and know what you want to work on, choose a mantra to further enhance those properties and watch the shifts happen in your world. I’ve been using Wahe Guru Mantra which triggers your destiny, and the Mul Mantra to remove fate and change destiny to prosperity.  It also helps to have a kitty buddy providing sound therapy with healing purrs while you are meditating. Kind of heavenly. ✨🙌✨