This full moon in Virgo is urging us to take notice of our work duties, responsibilities and health. With the polarity of Pisces sun which in its shadow, tends to encourage escapism, we are being urged to strike a balance between letting loose and getting back to our routines, getting organized and perfecting our surroundings to bring back a sense of harmony.

Have you noticed that you may have been less diligent about your workouts, diet, health or work duties in the recent weeks? If so, you are not alone. The Pisces sun has that effect on most to allow a period of rest and reflection in order to dream up new paths to our goals. Use this Virgo full moon to harness the dreams you had conjured up about your fitness goals, health, and career in recent weeks and put them in action and get on track. Virgo full moons have immense healing powers and thus create a perfect time to release old wounds and habits that are holding you back.

Full moon blessings to all ✨🙏✨