A New Moon in Pisces and a solar eclipse will be doing a cosmic dance in the sky tomorrow evening. At exactly 5:58 PM (PST) there will be a rare window of opportunity to cross through the dimensions. These cosmic events are always presented to us as an opportunity to grow, upgrade and reach our full potential as spirit beings. Within this period we have access to our future selves and past selves in all the dimensions we exist in. Should we choose to ascend and download the information from a more evolved version of ourselves we have been given that cosmic gift to do so.

Pisces is an incredibly intuitive and imaginative sign. You can use this time to imagine a better version of yourself, your life, your surroundings, a better world and planet for our future generations to come. We all collectively make the reality that we live in. We can collectively shift our existence to one that is more meaningful and in harmony with our true selves and Gaia. What dreams do you have that you dare not dream? Who do you aspire to be that you hold back? What pains have you buried that weigh you down?

Dare to dream during this time to be free of all the limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold you prisoner to the mundane. It is your birthright to be happy, to thrive, to be enlightened and to soar. Be sure to be in meditation and prayer during this time as you are guaranteed your prayers and wishes.   New moon blessings to all 🙏✨🌙