July's new moon in cancer is all about healing old wounds so that we can finally fearlessly be open to loving ourselves and others more fully.

Cancer is a very nurturing sign and you can use its energy to make room for self-care and paying attention to all the areas in your life where you have neglected your own personal needs. Use this time to nurture and love yourself more deeply. The second half of the month is about stepping out and being involved in loving relationships with others but you need to be whole and healed.

Spend time in self care doing the things that make you happy and bring you joy. Also a beautiful time to receive energy healings and working on removing energetic blocks and fears that are preventing you from living to your fullest potential. On your personal time, be sure to set your intents for the new month ahead by journaling and meditating on your hopes and dreams. The tides are supporting your wishes. Happy new moon 🌙✨