This full moon in Capricorn will be illuminating where our hearts' desires are not fully realized. We have been taught that through hard work, responsibility and self discipline we can achieve most things. Capricorn is a sign of maturity, doing what is right and getting the job done. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity of the sun/moon junction is asking us to ponder what we want vs what is expected of us or imposed upon us.

The tension between wanting to follow our hearts and doing what is expected of us comes to full illumination. Through this cosmic tango, we are being shown what our hearts truly desire so we can align ourselves with it and achieve its highest goals and hopes. Because in the end if our hearts are not fully invested in something or someone, then no amount hard work or doing the right thing will make it grow sustainable roots. When our hearts are aligned with our purpose and wishes that's when real magic happens.

Take this time and sit in meditation or prayer today. Listen to your heart and ask where does it want to be. Even if it seems illogical, follow it. When the heart center is engaged it has the power of 10,000 suns. You can then use the determination and steadfastness of Capricorn to harvest it. Anything becomes possible... You don't have to work so hard. Life becomes easy and effortless. That's the magic path to your bliss.