This Super New Moon in Aries fills us with the energetic potential to receive more clarity about our desires and the fiery determination to pursue it. Once Aries decides on something, they steadfastly go after it until they win.

In the same way, at this time we are being infused with warrior spirit to reach our desired goals victoriously. Keep in mind that victory and defeat are a matter of Spirit. We are never defeated as long as our Spirit is not defeated or broken. When a warrior falls in battle without surrendering or giving up, his/her Spirit grows stronger. Therefore, every battle is grace and opportunity to experience our infinity.

This New Moon promises to be hot and fiery with tempers and egos flying at an all time high. If you can tap into the way of the peaceful warrior and remain neutral, while keeping the larger community goals in mind over your individual agenda, you will no doubt be walking in victory.
If you need an outlet for this strong energy, consider breath work, yoga, meditation, exercise, spring cleaning or painting.

New Moon blessings to all ✨🙏✨