A healthy treat just in time for your Memorial Day weekend. Easiest ice cream you've ever made and vegan to boot.

✨ Chop up 1 cup of watermelon into bite size pieces and put in freezer for 4 hours

✨ Place frozen watermelon pieces into blender and pulse (do not put on high setting blend).

✨ Add 3 tablespoons of full fat organic coconut milk.

✨ continue to pulse blender until watermelon is thick and creamy (may need to use wooden spoon to help watermelon catch on blender blades).

✨ Add one more tbsp of coconut milk to adjust creaminess but make sure it doesn't get runny.

✨ Add a few drops of stevia to taste.

Repeat steps with 1 cup frozen bananas for an additional flavor 🙌 I love them both 😋

Voila! Best tasting vegan ice creams without an ice cream machine.