We are magnificent creatures with innate magical abilities to co-create with the universe our most desired lives. We are constantly creating with every thought, breath and action. Every word we utter or think is a prayer that sets into motion the wheels of the universe to manifest for us. Every action seeds a reaction in our world that will support the contribution that we have chosen to make in that moment.

Whether we realize it or not, we are manifesting each moment in our lives. As a human being we have over 60,000 thoughts a day of which 90% of them are the same as the day before thus creating a pattern and a habit. Furthermore, 80% of our thoughts are negative, which you guessed it, creates negative thought patterns that we repeatedly send out into the universe as prayers.

Since we are being barraged with so many incoming thoughts and information at any given moment, we need to be able to streamline those thoughts to positive stories in order to connect to peace, love and well-being in our lives. We live in a chaotic world that overstimulates us with information overload and stress. Incorporating some mindfulness practices that will align us with our higher consciousness and heart center is the key to swiftly co-creating beautiful stories for ourselves and loved ones.

Here are some powerful easy tools to manifest magic and shift your destiny:

Breathe - Being mindful of your breath and noticing its rise and fall can help calm the mind and spirit so you can access higher wisdom and more peaceful creative thoughts. You can control your whole physiology with your breath alone. Even three minutes of pranayam (breath control) can significantly improve your overall mental and physical well-being. As you control your breath, you can change your state of mind.

Meditate - Much like breath work, meditation allows the mind to tune out the barrage of incoming thoughts and allow the mind to tune in to the heart which is the master creator. When we sink into the stillness of the heart through meditation and tap into the feelings associated with our desires, we are 5,000 times more likely to create our wishes. The mind is not as powerful as the heart but can only create with repeated patterns over time. Once tapped into, the heart can manifest in an instant. There are so many ways to meditate, from guided meditations to simply sitting in stillness so choose what resonated best for you and grow into the practice. The effects of meditation are astounding on the physical, energetic and spiritual level but most importantly it can rewrite your destiny.

Spoken Word – Our words carry the most powerful vibrational resonance and can create with lightning speed. When we use the navel and channel our words through the heart and then project through the throat center, we literally command the universe to obey. Therefore, when we complain or put ourselves down, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy that will create more of what we do not like in our lives. Conversely, when we choose to speak in kind, especially from a heart-centered place, about ourselves, our future and others then we begin to create loving stories.  Since it is hard to contain the mind and its flood of thoughts, using affirmations or preferably mantras that contain vibrations of peace, prosperity, and love can help disconnect us from the negative stream and significantly improve our lives. When you choose to place yourself in the flow of positive spoken words through affirmations or repeating a sacred mantra, you are dedicating that amount of time a day to command the universe abundance.

Gratitude - This is the single most effective and easiest tool we have to create more of what we love in our lives. By simply being grateful for all the wonderful things we already do possess, we automatically open the stream for more abundance to flow into our lives. So count your blessings every day and watch them grow. I love to write down every night at least 5 things that I am grateful for before I sleep. This sets my sleep with thoughts of gratitude, dreams of abundance and waking state of appreciation. You can’t help but have a magical day.

Service - What goes around comes around and in the case of giving to others, the universe actually multiplies your good deeds by a thousand fold. You may not see it in the exact way that you have chosen to give but you will no doubt be rewarded with abundance. And while that is true, it is certainly not the point of service. The ultimate blissful state in life is through achieving liberation and merging with our divinity. By becoming the divine channel to help uplift others, we actually clear our karma and allow in more creative flow of energy to come through and thus experiencing our oneness. There is no separation between you, me and God. Through selfless service we can touch our infinity, merge with god and unleash the magic within. Is there a higher gift?

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