My heart has been heavy for the past couple of days. I was consumed with sense of unease through most of the night last night. I tried everything to shake it. I meditated, I chanted my mantras, I prayed to my angels... It lingered. What happened in Orlando was senseless, tragic and haunting. The aftermath has left all of us feeling the low vibrations of fear, ignorance and disconnectedness. How many more mass shootings must happen for humanity to recognize that we are not separate? What happens across the country is not an isolated incident that only affects the people in that town and their extended families. We collectively feel the pain and suffering. And while those angels gave up their lives as yet another attempt to show the rest of the unawakened masses that our every cell is connected, it seems to fall on deaf ears and these horrific incidences keep happening.

So what is the lesson that we are not learning? It may be a stretch for the purporters of these hate crimes to understand the concept that we all come from the same source, that we all have the same heart and it is interwoven like a cloth. But can we, the "awakened" ones, see the ones committing these crimes as part of us? Can we rise above our hate and still love them? Forgive them? FUCK that's hard... I know!! In every situation that tests my humanness I always ask; "What would Buddha, Jesus, Mary or Guru Ram Das do?"  I think therein lies part of our solution. They say it is through the frequency of the most enlightened soul that the rest of the group can elevate. If we, the awakened ones, can connect to love, compassion, empathy and love no matter what, we can change this world to be a better place. Hate and fear feeds the system. Our love has to be stronger than their ignorance. It's not an easy task. But that's the biggest lesson in life we all have to learn. Stay in love, stay in meditation, prayer, connect to your guides and ask for guidance and support. Love is the ultimate meaning of everything. Sending massive love from my heart to yours. Our love is stronger. 💜💜