The upcoming Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year but also a time of celebration and renewal.  Coupled with a powerful full moon in Sagittarius, this Solstice holds potent cosmic energies of vitality, freedom, prosperity and strength for us all to tap into. It is about combining the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the moon and merging the light and dark within us to see the truth of our infinite selves. It’s about complete honesty and exposure of our deepest desires and releasing all that has been holding us back during the winter months. It’s a time of rebirth and fully tuning in to your heart and manifesting the life you were meant to live. The potency of these energies will help you get clear on your heart’s wishes and implement them finally.

Spend some time in deep meditation to contemplate your life’s purpose, heart’s wishes and soul’s infinite goals. Be sure to write down your intentions once you are clear.  Spend some time outdoors connecting to nature and harnessing the sun’s energies, do some gardening or bring plants and flowers into your home, do some Sun Salutation yoga, spend time doing grounding meditations to energize the lower energy centers of your body. Do anything that makes you happy  and brings joy into your life. Solstice energy is a calling for you to step into your truth, surrender your ego and become the magical person you were always meant to be. ✨