This friendly Aquarius New Moon will be bringing up issues around humanity, community and how we can come together in a revolutionary way to bring peace and unity back into our collective consciousness. To heal the world, we must start with ourselves first. During this new moon 🌙 bring your intentions towards creating deep peace within yourself. Take responsibility for your feelings and neutralize your negative emotions so you can have the power to mobilize for the upcoming revolution in the months ahead with a clear mind and heart. We are just being shown by the planets where the injustices may lie and uncovering the truths.Observe, process, heal and intend to combat and resist as a peaceful warrior.

This energy is further supported by the year Fire Rooster starting tomorrow which is the year of awakening. The Rooster literally sings the morning "wake up" call to all other animals. Expect a much needed awakening for all of those that are set to remember their full potential as infinite divine beings.

This is not a time to sit back idly and let life happen to you. This is the time to intend to be the change and plant seeds of a transformative future for humanity that is inclusive, loving, and full of grace. ✨🙏🌙