When I sit in my practice and root myself onto the beautiful earth that sustains me, I am grateful for the chance to slow down and dive deep within. I listen to my heart beat, feel the air in my lungs, the blood running through my veins, and contemplate the truth in the spaces between my breaths. I acknowledge my fears, worries, doubts and remind myself that I am part of the creator thus beyond limits and connect back to my source and all of creation.  I take inventory of the day, my triumphs and failures, the moments that brought me pride, joy, happiness and even sadness. I sit with them all in gratitude for I know that I chose this life, this body, this story and every moment is grace. With every breath I am thankful for the gift of life and to live in a healthy body that I am able to use as a vehicle for enlightenment remembering that I chose to forget my ultimate powers in order to play this game of life. I am limited only by my mind and I chose to remember. ✨ Sat Nam