Today I write this on a more sober note, having had the night and full day to process my earthly emotions. I wonder how many of us went to bed with fear in our hearts. I wonder how many of us woke up in disbelief. I wonder how many of us drove to work crying like I did.  We stood up to protect values that we cherished such as love, hope, unity, decency, compassion, fairness and tolerance. We stood up to protect our planet and all that is precious to us. It is a mourning process we are all going through and we must make time for that in the most positive way possible by continuing to be the decent people that we are hoping to see on the planet. To be the change we are hoping to seek. To love all and especially those we can’t imagine to love in this moment. To shine light where there is darkness and be the light.

As I struggle with my own earthly emotions battling lower energies of fear and despair I see where my work lies.  Know that all of this has come up to be healed. If Hillary had won we would've gone along believing that we had worked through our racism, sexism, & bigotry and that we were truly moving forward in our evolution. This is a wakeup call for all of us. We need to see the cancer to heal it. We have been given a diagnosis. But it is this awareness that allows us to fight back & not sit in apathy.

When you feel despair remember that 250 million Americans did NOT vote for him. Out of those that did, most were scared for their own needs & others bought into the promises because they couldn’t wait for change. This leaves a small minority that may indeed connect to his divisive and hateful values. He is one cancer cell & while there may be more as a result of this situation, when we look at the larger collective whole that is good, know that TOGETHER we have the power to shift our reality back in the direction of love and true healing. Together we are stronger. How can we unite & come together as people that have love and truth in our hearts and continue our evolution as human beings? Where do we have to be more active? Who do we have to continue to protect? Whose voice do we need to be? Where can give more love? Love is always the answer.