This new moon in the mystical sign of Scorpio is guiding us to go into the underworld of our subconscious, separate from the material world and find the treasures of our intuitive realm. Scorpio energy can be deep and dark but by exploring its depth we can direct it towards the light and magical gifts we all have inherently within.

The new moon also coincides with Samhain celebration of Hallow's Eve which further forces us to look at our darkness and shadows to fully grasp the things we can't perceive with our five senses. Darkness is often associated with evil but that couldn't be further from the truth. Everything is made from source and light. Darkness provides the background for light to shine through. It's about darkness of the subconscious mind, intuition and the unseen worlds. The most beautiful things in the world like the stars and the moon will always need darkness to be seen. We must explore darkness for the beauty of our truth to be illuminated.

Take this evening to meditate and reflect on your shadow side, dive deeper into the underworld of your subconscious and find places that you have buried deep inside because of shame, fear and self doubt. Open them up to the divine light that is waiting to pour in and heal those parts so you can connect deeper to your light and magic within. New moon blessings to all ✨🌙🙏