This was one of the questions that was a turning point in my life and made me see that the world was not separate from me; and what's more it was an all loving and infinitely abundant source. What we believe to be a possibility or out of reach are just wavelengths of energy that actually correspond to our thoughts and we determine what actually happens in our personal world from the infinite field of possibilities. ✨

When we change our thoughts, so does our world and reality. We are creating our every moment with our thoughts. However, our mind is not easy to control, that's why it is highly recommended that we stay in deep meditation, use mantras and visualization techniques to guide it towards the outcome we wish to have. Left to its own devices it can veer towards the past and the negative but when consciously redirected with powerful positive and impactful techniques we can start living a more fulfilling life. 💖

You deserve all that your heart desires. You are the only one that can stand in your way. Expand your vision of the possible and simply open to receive while truly believing that it is possible. You can master your consciousness or be a slave to it. The only limits are those that exist within your own mind. Use this powerful full moon 🌕 energy to set your intentions for a better life and fully believe that not only it is a possibility but that you are deserving of it. Now what will you ask for if you knew without the shadow of a doubt the answer was YES? The universe always says yes. Will you? ✨🙌