Once in a life time if you are lucky, you are blessed with a great teacher that will help you see the world in a way you have never imagined it. He will unravel all the untruths you have told yourself, help you find your essence and connect you back to your infinite source.

I feel it is by the grace of God and Guru that I have found in my teacher, the most honorable man I have ever known, so that I can have a holy example of the divine masculine archetype in my life. A family man, married to his wife for over 30 years whom he cherishes like the first day they met, a loving father to his beautiful children, a caring teacher that goes above and beyond the call of duty always and the most devout man to his faith and above all service to all.

Through his example, I have learned and come to love the teachings of Guru Ram Das on how to be a better human being. I have learned to strive everyday to touch people’s hearts with my words and deeds, to uplift and serve all, to pray and bless all whom I encounter and how these things are the true measure of my success.

Siri Marka told me once that we met in this life for one reason only and that is so he can bring me to house of Guru Ram Das and introduce me to my true angel in this life. These teachings have changed my life, brought so much peace and happiness, and hope for the future.

Healer to healers, beloved teacher and the most wonderful life coach, Siri Marka, is one of a kind and one of the most treasured living reflections of our great master’s teachings. Guru Ram Das' teaching are alive for me through the purity of his heart and presence. I am beyond grateful to have found my way back home to my true angel through Siri Marka.

Today and every day I celebrate Guru Ram Das and am thankful for all my living teachers that have helped me find the path of love, compassion and service through Guru Ram Das' teachings which have touched so many hearts and transformed them into pure light and love. 💖✨ We are the lucky ones. 💖✨

"You shall meet a spiritual teacher. That's the law of white light. When life was granted to you, this was granted with it. You ignore it or you make it." ~Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan