That is the question this full moon eclipse as it it is going to be highlighting what has been hidden for far too long. Whatever you have not wanted to face, denied or ran away from, you will be forced to look at. But no matter how painful it may be at times to see the truth, it will ultimately set you free by navigating you towards your soul's destiny and living a conscious life with eyes wide open.

When things come up for you during these few days, be sure to face them and process them. You CAN handle the truth as it is your essence. You are beyond infinite and magical and anything that no longer serves your highest good in being that will have an opportunity to be released during this full moon. Let it.

Conversely, it may release lower emotions such as anger and you may be highly emotional and volatile. Do your best to process these lower vibrations through yoga, meditation, visualization, exercise or any other activity that helps you release.

Once you release these old energies, you can make room for higher emotions such as love, bliss and joy to take their place. That's your real truth and essence. Connect to it! Sat Nam 🙏