There are some meditations that relax you, others that entrance you, while some completely transport you to other realms and allow you to make quantum shifts in your life. I've been practicing the Sudarshan Chakra meditation for some time now and the effects have been nothing short of magic.

Whenever you want to manifest anything in your life do this meditation! It's powerful and it works! Why? Because you are taking a sacred #mantra, moving it through your heart center, which has the power of 108 suns, with powerful sound frequency and going up into the angelic realms communicating your heartfelt desires and then back into your heart center visualizing it as manifested ✨Boom ✨ Does it get more magical?

Start with 11 minutes a day and see the #magic unfold in your life for yourself.


“Aap Sahaaee Hoaa…"

mentally see the #soundcurrent flowing from your back heart and going over your head

“Sachay Daa Sachaa Dhoaa…”

see the current expanding up to the angelic realm and asking for your heart's desires

“Har Har Har”

Bring the energy from the infinite down into your heart center beaming the heart with your vision visualized 💖


For added measure, I loop White Sun's version of Aap Sahaae Hoa as it is beyond alchemy. Gurujas' angelic voice literally summons the celestial realms and makes the journey timeless. I own thousands of songs and nothing has touched my soul as deep as this album. It is no doubt engineered to transmit light codes meant to awaken dormant aspects of your DNA and consciousness to align you with the highest vibrational frequencies on the planet ✨ No wonder it is topping billboard charts at #2 right now. 🙌 Download and be transformed.  ✨

For full meditation notes and instructions email me and I'll forward. 🙏 Wahe Guru ✨