Full moons are a great time to take inventory of what no longer serves us. This full moon in Sagittarius is all about releasing cords that bind us in our humanity. Sagittarius is about freedom, higher knowledge and expansion of consciousness. It's vital to pay attention to what is holding us back from finding liberation and ascension on a regular basis. We are often further rooting ourselves in our human existences with the stories we weave around our perceived limitations.

During this full moon take the opportunity to release habits, patterns, relationships or karmic debts that have held you back from achieving your soul's full purpose. Go fearlessly where you have not dared to go before. This full moon promises to support your journey. You were born free and limitless.

I've found this beautiful ritual from Forever Conscious to be deeply healing and release a great deal of unwanted stories in my life.

✨ Find a sacred space, preferably under the light of the Full Moon.

✨ Smudge your aura and your area using the sage or any other cleansing medium that you prefer. 

✨ Light the candle and give thanks to Mother Moon.

✨ Write down on the paper all that no longer serves you or things that you want to release. This could include attitudes, emotions, relationship ties, illness, habits, addictions, etheric cords etc.

✨ Sit in meditation and contemplate what your life will feel like without these additional weights holding you down. State what you want to release aloud and take a deep breath, as you exhale imagine whatever you want to let go floating away.

✨ Place the paper into the candle and watch it burn. When it becomes too hot to touch, drop it into a bowl of water.

✨ Once the paper has become soggy, throw the water and paper into the garden. If your paper doesn’t dissolve you can also throw it away.

✨ Be sure to thank the Moon and the Universe after your ritual is completed.