This full moon in Aquarius is about going beyond your limited self and connecting to your infinity. The Leo sun highlights the self and Aquarius moon is about the group, community and collective consciousness. It's a powerful time to connect to the heavens through coming together with other souls. Group consciousness is the first step to god consciousness and connecting you to your own divinity and powers. Any group activity such as yoga, meditation, moon circles or even a casual gathering with like minded souls is a great way to transcend tonight and see a glimpse of your true essence. There is immense power in a group of souls coming together with the same intention to rise.

Tonight by candle light or by a fire pit spend some time recalling what's made you hide your light, the shaming moments or falling short of your own standards. Write what's in your heart on paper. Then burn the paper safely and imagine releasing what's stuck and hidden in your rib cage. 💜

Full moon blessings to all ✨🌕✨