It all starts with energy. Your arms, the tree, the chair you are sitting on, your mind, your money... It’s all just energy manifesting in different forms that is fluid and changing. Our cells completely change every week and our molecules are in a constant state of flux and none of them are actually touching the other yet we perceive ourselves as solid. We are actually 1% matter and 99% energy and because optically we can't see, touch or “physically” touch energy we focus on the matter. The energy space is actually where all the magic happens.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed but the good news is it can be changed, transformed and experienced as you desire. For example, scarcity and lack is another form of energy but it can also be transformed to abundance and prosperity. So everything is energy and therefore our levels of success and happiness is highly correlated to understanding and utilizing not only our physical but also our unique energetic gifts to realize our full potential as spiritual beings.

In my heart centered healings for my clients I move the energy and provide a clearing in blocked centers and create a steady stream of energy flow so that they can access their powers. We all have many layers that have created short circuits in our energy bodies and it is not an overnight fix but working through the layers and chipping at them consciously to whatever degree is for our highest good at the moment, is a first step in accessing our full gift repertoire. Conversely, when I teach Kundalini Yoga to my clients, I guide them in moving the energy themselves and give them access to many meditations, breathing techniques and kriyas that help free stuck energy within their bodies and access their infinity. I like to think of energy healings as me cooking a gourmet meal for my clients and Kundalini Yoga classes as teaching them how to become gourmet chefs. A combination of energy healings and Kundalini yoga sessions is an optimal way to clear stuck energy and learn to access the infinite flow that is available for all of us to create abundance, happiness, health and harmonious relationships. ✨✨✨