Today I celebrate you and your profound teachings that have deeply touched my soul and forever changed the course of my life. They say when a student is ready, the master will appear. I prayed for lifetimes to be guided by you and feel so blessed to be part of this beautiful golden chain and tribe this life.

I wish I had met you in person, sat in your classes, listened to your voice, and felt your immense energy. But somehow I still feel you in subtle body. I feel you in my prayers, I see you in my dreams and meditations and I know you are with me through life's obstacles always protecting me. So many instances I've wanted a meditation for myself or a client and the book would open to the perfect page or I would walk into class and my beautiful teachers would share the exact meditation or Kriya. When I'm weak I hear your voice to "keep up".  When I'm hopeless you remind me of my truth and infinity by giving me indescribable experiences that overwhelm my senses. When I'm lost in the dream of illusions, I feel you gently shaking me to wake up. When I'm sad and lonely you connect me to my true angel, Guru Ram Das, and I feel his love run through my veins and my heart flood with joy. I wish to be able to someday hold even a fraction of your light to share your teachings with all that come my way so that they too can feel your magic and teachings and end their suffering.

You are a true Saint and the biggest source of all miracles in my life. Thank you for all that you still do for all of us from beyond the beyond. Thank you for your teachings, your light, your presence and your deep love and compassion for all beings. Happy birthday to the greatest man I am honored to call my guru. ✨🙏✨