Truly being intentional requires understanding that our attitudes, feelings, thoughts and actions directly impact every single one of our experiences. It requires gaining clarity about what we want and who we want to be, owning what we say and choosing to show up in all situations. It means willing life to happen not letting life happen to you!

A great exercise I like doing in the mornings is asking myself, “How am I going to make this day/week great?” Spending a few minutes in the morning hours and envisioning your life as You want it to unfold upon waking is one of the most powerful ways of creating the life you truly desire. After I’m done visualization my perfect day/week/month, I thank my angels in advance for assisting me and ask for “this or better”.  I always add that little caveat at the end because our minds are limited and the universe is infinite thus it always has better plans for us than we can imagine for ourselves. We just have to ask, open up and receive.

To be intentional you have to actively interact and engage with your life. As a kid and most of our adult life we live by the rules set upon us by people no smarter than ourselves. When we finally wake up we start to look within for the answers on how to live happier and healthier lives. We realize that we innately know more than anyone else what is best for us. Then we realize we can literally change ourselves, our dna, our destiny and anything else that is holding us back from connecting our highest selves. Once we reach that stage, the final stage is realizing that you can change the world around you. That’s being truly extraordinary but it all starts within and with living purposefully each day. Intend to be beyond… Intend to be extraordinary because that’s why you are here. ✨