Of all my possessions, these babies are the most prized. My healings are so much more powerful because of them and they remain a favorite of all of my clients.

The Universe is made up of vibrations and therefore sound is one of the most potent tools to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The sound from the quartz crystal singing bowls is a 'pure' sound resembling the once silent universe. One really has to experience in person to feel the majestic, uplifting, and peaceful effects of these bowls. The sound that surges from these crystal bowls emit a pure holographic design template of glowing sound that literally create a stairway to divinity.

The magic of crystal bowls is not solely on how they sound. It's the "vibration" of the bowls that produces most of its healing effects. Even if a person is completely deaf the crystalline vibrations of the bowls still enters their entire energetic structure and cell structure and aligns them with the energy of clear quartz.

The energy of clear quartz is one of clearing and energizing. It heals by clearing out blocked energy that is stuck in a person's energetic structure by loosening up stagnant energy so that it can rejoin the energy flow. But it can also act as a transmitter by the healer’s prayers and intentions for the healing. ✨ Pure magic. ✨