The last full moon of the year promises to be one of the most powerful ones, equipped with a portal that will serve as a fast pass into 2017. For those that have been doing the work or are ready to fully undress and leave behind all of the muck, negative thought patterns and habits that we have all collectively accumulated, this is going to be a welcoming energy into a new realm of possibilities.

The Gemini Full Moon is about anything that has to do with consciousness, thoughts, communications. 2016 was an incredibly heavy year for the collective and we’ve all had a lot of endings and had to let go of previous ways of thinking and being to connect to new energies calling us in. Use this powerful evening to clear your mind through yoga, meditation, journaling or anything that appeals to you and purge any negative stories/thought streams that you have been holding onto which have hindered your dreams.

An easy technique I like to use around the full moon is writing down everything I would like to clear from my life and then burning it in a safe pot under the full moon. It’s a fun ritual and connects the elements to your purpose thus giving it more fuel. For a more thorough cleansing, use breath work techniques, energy healings, mantra and meditation to fully purge during this powerful moon.

Above all, spend time in self care and nourish yourself with the vibrant energy of the moon and recharge to radiantly walk into the next chapter of your life. 

Full moon blessings to all ✨🙏🌕