The energy surrounding this Capricorn New Moon, will have most us feeling introspective and reflective about what we have gone through in 2016 and everything that needs to come up for healing once and for all will surface. If you’ve felt like a hermit and wanting to hibernate, you are indeed in tune with the moon’s tides as it beckons us to go inward, retreat and reflect in order to push forward in the weeks ahead.

Many of us have had to face outdated foundations and relationships dissolve but the energy of this new moon will give us the time and space to rethink a more suitable future that is more in line with our spiritual growth and highest destiny.

Capricorn energy is very pragmatic and thoughtful so planning and organizing your routines, goals and ambitions in a practical way that lays the foundation for successful years to come will be supported. With Mercury in retrograde, it is not advised to necessarily start something new but to really take this time to review and reset your vision. Continue to shed that which no longer serves you so you don't take into the new year and create space for the new that awaits.

2016 was about learning to let go and ending things that no longer serve our highest good. If you want a fresh start for 2017 as I know many do, this new moon will grant you that wish. So take time right after the New Moon tonight to think up the future you would like to summon. Really imagine who you would like to have walk side by side with you, what do you see yourself doing, where do you see yourself living and what adventures you would like to partake in…

The last New Moon of the year promises a great deal of magical powers to help shift your destiny in the right direction! Wishing you all new moon blessings! 🌙✨