An emotional full moon is in store for us tonight as the moon shines in the watery and sensitive sign of Cancer. If you find yourself overly emotional during this time, go easy on yourself and know that it may not fully be yours as the collective is affected in the same way and you may be picking that up. It is however a great time to sit with your feelings and emotions to process and release what you no longer want to carry with you into the next 12 months.

This first full moon is also forming a Grand Cardinal formation which tends to build high amounts of tension to test the strength of what needs to stay and what needs to fall to the way side. Pay attention to what comes up for you  in your relationships, work or habits and where your housecleaning lies. This is an additional lever extended to us by the universe to cut out what no longer serves our frequencies.

A renewed powerful energy of number 10, which is in essence number 1, is also upon us this year magnifying our strengths and initiating new beginnings. Do you feel hopeful about 2017? Despite the chaos of the political system, most everyone I speak with feels that this year will be a promising year for all. It is primarily because we are in the midst of experiencing a renewal of our DNA and magnetic fields as a result of the celestial configurations since the year began. Do the work on your own with yoga, meditation, pranayam, energy healings and keeping your thoughts positive so you can stay in the current of the higher vibrations offered to us at this time. Full moon blessings to all 🌝✨