Powerful new moon in Leo tonight marks the time to connect to our hearts and do some major house cleaning. Leo is ruled by the heart,  so bring your focus within to the house of your soul and give anything that is not yours, anything that is weighing you down to the ethers.P

Whatever your spiritual practice may be, take some time to work through the fear and doubts because where is there is fear love cannot exist. Yoga, meditation, journaling chanting, pranayam, energy healings or any other form of moving energy through the body are all powerful ways to harness the new moon energy tonight. Connect to the place in you that is fearless and courageous and meet life with an open heart unafraid. Love with all of your heart and see how the world will gravitate towards you. May you be blessed with never ending love, may you be blessed with the warmth power and radiance of 10,000 suns. ☀️🙏