A tantric necklace is not just another piece of jewelry or mala but a tool for spiritual awakening that has long been used by yogic masters of all traditions. It enhances meditations, opens the third eye, brings mystical powers, prosperity, countless blessings and increases one's consciousness. The longer you wear it, the more its powers become interwowen into your auric field.

Tantric necklaces are composed of powerful geometric shapes each vibrating a specific part of creation and resonating a sovereign vibratory frequency wihtin their design and stone selection. The wearer benefits as the aura of the tantric necklace is interwoven with the aura of the wearer thereby strengthening, purifiying and protecting their energetic field.

Giangeet the creator and designer of @satamber has some of the most incredible and high vibrational pieces that I've yet come across and will also do custom designs based on your needs. I just recently purchased a beautiful piece that I love and adore and can't wait to add more to my collection with other gem stones that I want to work with. If you've been looking for a beautiful "mala" look no further than Sat Amber (link below) for a highly charged and powerful necklace. She also infuses each piece with a sacred mantra to bring additional magic into your life. Giangeet is an absolute angel on earth and her beautiful and loving energy is felt within each piece. ✨📿✨