For those that can't adopt a full vegetarian diet yet, even one day a week of giving up meat can make a world of difference not only for your health and overall wellbeing but also dramatically reducing your carbon footprint, save animals and reduce world hunger. 🌿

For a couple of decades I struggled with being a vegetarian back to eating fish or chicken because I wasn't eating properly and my health and energy struggled. I finally decided that I would study nutrition to understand what my body needed exactly in order to thrive while living sustainably and heeding the call of being a conscious human being. We've never been taught how to eat a healthy balanced vegetarian meal. The USRDA which has a vested interest in factory farming and is backed by Big Food is ran by a kind of political totem which favors the bottom line over your health. The marketing of unhealthful foods and trends including "The Paleo Diet" and many others fads that tout a heavy meat biased guideline and corporate food marketing are now finally a major source of controversy and linked to many health issues and cancer.

If you've always wanted to know how to receive your full protein and nutrients while being a vegetarian but didn't know where to begin, I'm happy to guide you on the journey. Even if your desire is to simply reduce your meat intake but are you are afraid of not getting enough protein, we can tailor a semi plant based nutrient dense meal plan that best suits your needs and body requirements to achieve your goals. 🌱

I believe in biodiversity and a vegetarian or vegan diet may not always be the best option for everyone but increasing plant foods and healthy substitutes to reduce meat protein can make dramatic differences in your overall well being while saving the planet. See full information on my website on profile link and contact me for your complimentary 30 minute consultation to begin your journey to health and radiance. #meatfreemonday