The time has to come to recognize that there is no savior. WE are the saviors… each and every one of us. To shape the future that we all envision for ourselves and the next generations, we need to connect to the deep feminine divine wisdom within ourselves to serve the greater good, to protect and honor life and planetary regeneration. It is said that the world will be saved by a woman. We thought we had an opportunity at that with the last presidential elections. But perhaps it is simply the awakening of the feminine qualities of compassion, deep listening, intuition and inclusivity that have been marginalized for centuries. These qualities are inherent within all of us, women and men alike, and are needed now more than ever to face our current crises caused by the old patriarchal system and bring a radical shift in global inter-connectedness to instill trust and peace in all of our hearts.

It is time for the emergence of a new level of consciousness where the deepest instincts of the heart in both men and women are compassion, healing and a longing to protect all forms of life. It is time to tune to in to our instincts that encourage to nurture rather than destroy, and regenerate rather than deplete.

Developing the divine intelligence within us to be the saviors, requires inner work in order to shed the current paradigm we have adopted, examine beliefs and patterns that constrain us into specific roles to achieve rather than connect.  It is tuning into the feelings and needs of the ‘other’ rather than ‘I’, hearing the hearts guidance to be still rather than ‘busy’, to be the voice for the powerless and to develop courage to stand and speak calmly when your values are abused at work or in your community and to develop a daily practice to care of body, mind and soul.

We are all healers. We just have to heal ourselves first and then step in to help others. ✨🌿💖🙏