We ask You to be with us, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors, so that together we can all celebrate the Spring Equinox.

We welcome the fresh growth that is all around us.

Thank You, Deities and Spirits of the Earth, for waking and growing once more.

Thank You, Deities and Spirits of the Air, for sweeping in the bright, clear winds to refresh our minds and make us ready for work and growth.

Thank You, Deities and Spirits of Fire, for warming the Earth and waking the ground.

Thank You, Deities and Spirits of Water, for the sap rising and the leaves unfurling.

Thank you, spirits of our home, for helping us to cleanse, clean and organize the space we share.

Thank you, our Ancestors, you who have seen these cycles so many times before, for guiding us through the dangers of birthing something new into the world.

Thank You, kind Gods, Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors, for the many gifts of Spring.

Please bless the land, so that She may grow and thrive despite the many obstacles we have placed in Her way.

Please bless the butterflies, bees and all the creatures that are waking from their Winter sleep.

Please bless us here as we set our minds to cleansing our hearts and working towards a new future.

Please bless us all, so that we may see the World with new eyes and grow to be kinder to each other and to the Earth on Whom we all depend.

Thank You all for  hearing our prayer. May You in turn be joyful and blessed in your lives.



During this Solar Eclipse and New Moon if we courageously open our hearts and choose love despite our fears, we will be rewarded with more opportunities to give and receive love. Eclipses affect the earth’s electromagnetic field which has an effect on everything including human beings. They are planetary upgrades that force us into new paradigms and higher frequencies so we can connect to our true source. You can go through it kicking and screaming because eclipses can be emotional and shocking to the system or you can do the work to raise your frequency along with the celestial shifts.

I’ve been feeling the eclipse quite intensely these past couple of days already so I’ve entrenched myself deep in my practice of yoga, meditation and spending a great deal of time releasing through the heart center with heavy breath work. If we work with the energies of the eclipses, we can have profound healing to move through our emotional injuries, nourishing the unloved aspects of ourselves and embracing forgiveness, compassion and love for others and ourselves.

The highly intuitive and emotional New Moon in Pisces and eclipse together will work to help us let go of old trauma and painful wounds and reminding us to release control, breathe deeply and have faith that the universe will guide us through these turbulent waters. All you have to do is surrender and be an empty vessel so that you can be filled up with the new shower of loving energy coming through. Once we are attuned to the universe’s healing loving energy, we will only be a magnet for others that are on the same frequency as us. New Moon and eclipse blessings to all. 🌙✨🌔



There is a tremendous amount of energy in the celestial realms as the planets shift and form a pentagon in the sky to bring perfect balance as well as a transformative eclipse during this Full Moon in Leo. So much to take in all at once, but the universe is stepping in to make radical changes where we have become stagnant.

Eclipses are generally about swift change and clearing any old energy to place us where we need to be. If something no longer belongs in your life, it will be forced out. That's the power of eclipses. Leo rules the heart which is seat of your soul, therefore relationships will be tested, your life's mission and purpose will be brought to the forefront and you will be guided and supported to shift your life towards your highest path. Buckle up but enjoy the ride as it is all grace and divine intervention.

Furthermore, the Leo Moon energy contrasted with the Aquarius Sun will be forcing us to look at where we may have been neglecting ourselves to take care of others. In order to be of service we need to be full and overflowing and this full moon will be forcing most of us to take some much needed time to go within and stay in self love and self care.

Meditate on all the things that you would like to eradicate from your life to make space for all the bounty and blessings that are waiting for you. Full moon blessings to all 🌕🙏✨



The essence of Sat Nam means “truth is my name or truth is my identity” and as a greeting it means “I recognize the divinity within you”. The ultimate truth is not something that can be put into words but is the real heart of who we are as mystical human beings. Our true nature is our divinity and saintliness.  We come from source and are part of source, therefore we are infinitely powerful, limitless and are part of the same cloth.

When we vibrate the sound Sat Nam from the root of our spines through the crown and into the auric field, we are tuning to the sound of the universe and our true essence. The vibration of “Sat” reaches upward the crown into the ethers pulling the vibration of infinity into our awareness, and “Nam” pulls down to the mother earth which creates a manifesting vibration. When the two are connected with this mantra, a direct line runs through the center of the body from the heavens all the way down to middle earth acknowledging the infinite made into manifest.

By chanting or meditating deeply on this mantra you bring into your awareness the truth of  your essence which is part of the creator and can manifest anything that you dream of. Above all it connects you to all other beings on all dimensions creating a sense of oneness. Today more than ever it is important to dissolve the barriers of race, religion, gender and political division. This mantra will work to heal the divides. Don't worry about others. Do the work on you and it will heal the heart of the rest of the world. We are all One and One with the Divine. Enlightenment is knowing this truth.

 “If it is not written in your destiny to be with God and to know higher consciousness, this mantra will engrave it in your destiny.” ~ Yogi Bhajan



When I sit in my practice and root myself onto the beautiful earth that sustains me, I am grateful for the chance to slow down and dive deep within. I listen to my heart beat, feel the air in my lungs, the blood running through my veins, and contemplate the truth in the spaces between my breaths. I acknowledge my fears, worries, doubts and remind myself that I am part of the creator thus beyond limits and connect back to my source and all of creation.  I take inventory of the day, my triumphs and failures, the moments that brought me pride, joy, happiness and even sadness. I sit with them all in gratitude for I know that I chose this life, this body, this story and every moment is grace. With every breath I am thankful for the gift of life and to live in a healthy body that I am able to use as a vehicle for enlightenment remembering that I chose to forget my ultimate powers in order to play this game of life. I am limited only by my mind and I chose to remember. ✨ Sat Nam